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Don’t ever feel that you have saddest life in this world. You’ll never know someone that you told about your story is trying hard struggling with their life too.


When you ignored from the old world, find the new world. Karena dunia baru itu seru!!
Welcome to the real world, me, you, US.



I kept hold on my 10 years promise to myself. I kept hold on my 2 years promise to my heaven angel’s, dad. I did it. Sure, this is only the beginning of a million ways i take, yes I know. But at least I can prove it. God knows we’re worth it♪

Patissiere, wait me there.

"Adam Quote"

- "Banyak orang cantik, tapi ngga semua orang cantik bisa jadi model"


mission log: day 67. but im never really alone

"학교 2013"

- "Everyone say that he/she is bad. But, he/she deserve it because of his/her act and react to other people" - Jung Ssaem.


There is a really “don’t know why” feelings when you laugh and angry really hard at school, but, you also cry really hard too, even harder, at home. Life’s not sucks, but the people do. Life’s not sucks, but we do the false things over the people too much.

So damn true source: Twitter